Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee Sex Tape

Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee Sex Tape

Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee married after knowing each other for 96 hours back in the 90’s.Their marriage may not have lasted but their sex tape is an everlasting testimony to the love they shared. Well that is one way of looking at it – the tape consists of two beautifully flawed and exponentially horny individuals, getting it on in a variety of locations. Their tape is one of the first in a sea of celeb sex tapes to have popped up in recent years but this is more of a holiday tape filled with sex than an actual sex tape. The couple ‘get it on’ in so many places, outside their house, in a Jacuzzi, in a car (whilst Tommy Lee is driving) and on a yacht (whilst Tommy Lee is driving); that man should not be allowed behind the wheel of any vehicle. Or at least be told that driving with your erect penis guiding the steering wheel is not in compliance with the Highway Code. Maybe this is something Google could work on next? Helping people to drive with their penises? Just an idea. The tape was never meant to be seen by anyone, there is not that much sex in it and it isn’t too audience friendly, there is no narrative as they jump from location to location. The only constant theme is Tommy Lee’s nudity and the lens cap, which occasionally pops in to frame. Pamela Anderson doesn’t get naked until about half way through but she does give a blowjob on a yacht in sunglasses – it is probably the classiest blowjob in the history of fellatio.

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